Crowder Solo Album Neon Steeple in Feb. 2014


Neon SteepleThe intriguing story of David Crowder continues, as his first major post-David Crowder Band (see my review of their final album here) music project is set to release in 3 months. His new album will be called Neon Steeple, and he is simply going by the name “Crowder.”

While this is his first solo studio album, it is actually a collaborative effort with many of his friends from the music industry that he was previously unavailable to record with because of his commitment to the David Crowder Band.

Crowder describes the sounds of the new album as “folktronica” or “where porch music meets electronic sounds.” Mandolins, fiddles, upright basses and other instruments that do not need to be “plugged into the wall” will all be gathered together to make beautiful porch music that will be combined with “8-bit Nintendo” style computer sounds.

While the full album will be released February 18, 2014, Neon Steeples’ first single, entitled “I Am,” comes out in 2 days on Monday, November 25, 2013.

UPDATE (11/25/13): Crowder has released the 1st single from Neon Steeples. “I Am” can be purchased on iTunes.

Crowder also announced his upcoming folktronica-styled tour with All Sons & Daughters (the porch side of the music) and Capital Kings (the computer side of the music).