Underwater Videos of My Kids Swimming

As Julie Beth and Sam both recently finished 2 weeks of swim lessons, they have continued to practice swimming everyday for the last week. They just keep getting better and braver, and they really love to swim all over the whole pool now. We wanted to have some fun and capture their swimming from a new angle, so I took some underwater videos.

Make sure to go back and see how Sam and Julie Beth swam at the ends of week 1 and week 2 of swim lessons.

Click here to see pictures and videos from week 1.

Click here to see pictures and videos from week 2.

Click here to see how well Will can ride a bike now, after practicing everyday while Julie Beth and Sam were at swim lessons.


While I do have a Panasonic DMC-TS25D “Waterproof” Camera (get the camera), it actually leaked a couple weeks ago after 3 years of reliable use. I have managed to get it working again by drying it out in a bag of rice for a week, but I do not trust it for full underwater submersion at the moment. I also have an Otterbox waterproof case (get the case) on my iPhone 5S, but I have that mainly to protect from sweat and rain while I am running. It works well for workouts, but I do not really want to risk my iPhone underwater with just that case, but I have another cheap solution that works great for underwater pictures and videos.

This FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case/Bag (click here to get the case) might not be pretty, but it has worked flawlessly for 3 years, never leaking in the pool or ocean. Plus it is super cheap at less than $10. I figure that between this and my Otterbox Preserver Case, I should be safe using my iPhone underwater.

So here are some fun underwater videos of the kids showing off their new swimming skills at my parents’ house in Collierville, TN this week.


Since his 2 weeks of swim lessons ended last week, Sam (4 years old) has been continuing to practice swimming everyday since. Here is a fun underwater view of how great he can swim now!


Julie Beth (5 years old) has gotten especially brave swimming all over the pool since her swim lessons ended last week. Watch her skills from underwater.


Will has been a great swimmer for about 3 years now, so while it is nothing new to him, he wanted to join in on the fun of making underwater videos.

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Click here to keep up with all our Summer 2016 adventures.