Weird Animals VBS 2014 (Group Publishing)

I have been excited about Weird Animals VBS from Group Publishing since the day it was announced last summer. I ordered this Starter Kit for our church, and it is packed full of everything needed to plan VBS for Summer 2014. This will be the 4th year in a row that I’ve used a Group VBS, and I must say that they are the best in the business for summer VBS programs.

Also check out the other 2014 VBS from Group Publishing: Wilderness Escape.

You can order these straight from Group Publishing, but always has the same product for at least 10% cheaper. Watch the promo video and then order the Weird Animals VBS Ultimate Starter Kit!

707958: Weird Animals VBS Ultimate Starter Kit Weird Animals VBS Ultimate Starter Kit By Group PublishingWeird Animals: Where Jesus’ Love is One of a Kind! 2014 Easy VBS from Group.Weird Animals VBS connects with children when they feel different by introducing them to wonderful animals around the world. When “weird” means special, unique, and one-of-a-kind, kids are reminded of Jesus’ special love for them – even when they feel different!Jesus loves you even when…you’re left out, you’re different, you don’t understand, you do wrong, and when you’re afraid.
Bible Translation: New Living Translation (NLT)
Ages: Preschool to Youth (Teenagers)Weird Animals Bible Points (and Bible story):

Day 1: Even when you’re left out…Jesus loves you! (Jesus heals the lepers: Luke 17:11-19)
Day 2: Even though you’re different…Jesus loves you!(Jesus reaches out to a Samaritan Woman: John 4:1-30)
Day 3: Even when you don’t understand…Jesus loves you! (Jesus washes the disciples’ feet: John 13:1-17)
Day 4: Even though you do wrong…Jesus loves you! (Jesus dies and comes back to life: Luke 22:47-24:12)
Day 5: Even when you’re afraid…Jesus loves you! (Ananias bravely helps Saul: Acts 9:1-19)

Weird Animals VBS Ultimate Starter Kit arrives filled with leader’s guides, samples, media tools on DVD and CD, and much more to get started planning your VBS. The starter kit includes:

  • Weird Animals Ultimate Director Go-To Guide: The ultimate step-by-step resource for planning, recruiting, promoting, training and running a successful VBS.
  • Leader Manuals: The easy-to-use, field-tested guides make it a easy for your station leaders to lead kids through Weird Animals VBS. Each manual includes an overview of the daily Bible content, historical background, directions for each activity and guided discussion questions.
  • Imagination Station Sampler: A complete collection of Imagination Station activities shows you how each daily Bible point is reinforced through fun, memorable, totally kid-friendly discoveries.
  • Student Materials Sampler: This sampler lets you preview the Bible-teaching resources designed to connect with today’s generation of children.
  • Music: The Weird Animals VBS kit includes the Leader Version of the Weird Animals music, featuring the full music CD, instrumental-only tracks, and song lyrics slide show.
  • Clip-Art: A great collection of graphic resources, guides, schedules, bulletin inserts and more digital resources you’ll use for promotional materials and organizing.
  • Media: Your starter kit includes the Decorating Places DVD, Ultimate Director Go-To Recruiting and Training DVD, all-new KidVid Cinema DVD, and the Sing & Play music DVD.
  • Missions and More: The Weird Animals Ultimate Starter Kit also includes a missions project sampler plus information on lots of other one-of-a-kind VBS resources.

Here is a longer promo video that shows a day at Weird Animals VBS.