Seeking Diana by H.W. Davis – Questions & Answers With the Author


My father H.W. Davis just published his very 1st book to the Kindle e-bookstore. Seeking Diana is a story of discovery and redemption, and this publication has been a long-time coming for my dad. He is one of the most intelligent and well-studied men I have ever known. While he has spent his career working in insurance, he has had a long-standing dream of being a writer. He taught insurance courses for a number of years at a local community college, often writing his own curriculum. He also, as an adult Sunday School teacher for multiple decades, has written countless Bible lessons throughout his life. He has always enjoyed reading, writing and teaching others. Along with my oldest sister, my dad reads far more books than the average person, and his love of literature awakened a deep desire to write fictional works of his own.

In recent years he has spent most of his free time writing fictional books, editing his works and navigating the complicated waters of the modern publishing world that has largely shifted to digital publication. While he has written numerous full-length novels, he decided to finally put his 1st book out there for the rest of the world to enjoy, with more books coming in the near future. The book is entitled Seeking Diana, and it is currently available from the Amazon Kindle e-book store (click here to order a copy). It is very affordable, and you can actually read it for free if you have a “Kindle Unlimited” subscription. Kindle reading apps are available for all iOS and Android devices, along with Mac and Windows computers.

As a 1st time author, he needs reviews on Amazon, so if you read his book, please take a couple minutes to leave an Amazon review!

Continue reading for a question and answer session with H.W. Davis, author of Seeking Diana.

Here is the book description for Seeking Diana:

At 49, Mark Sawyer is a happily married pastor who loves his wife and children. However, the entrance of 26 year old Pattie Wilmore into the life of his family resurrects a ghost from his college days. Pattie bears an eerie resemblance to his college fiancee, Diana Stanton, who had disappeared without a trace during their senior year. Pattie is a sweet, shy woman whose world is shaken by her dying father’s confession. He had purchased baby Pattie from a mysterious man at a truck stop in Amarillo, Texas. After her father’s death, Pattie asks Mark to assist her in tracking down her biological parents. “Why wasn’t I good enough to be a keeper?”

Mark feels a strange but powerful connection to Pattie. Their quest leads to an encounter with political extremists sought by the FBI, including the man who sold Pattie. Meanwhile, Mark is contacted by Diana’s older sister, who wants to solve the mystery of Diana’s disappearance. As evidence mounts, Mark strongly suspects that Pattie may be part of Diana’s mystery. If so, the consequences could be devastating for his family and career. What should he do? Mark finds moral clarity in a verse that says, “And the truth will set you free.” Mark decides to push forward, regardless of the consequences. The shocking truth will impact multiple families and set each of them free in different ways. In the process, Pattie will discover her origins and find loving family.


Here are a few questions and answers to get to know the author and his writing a little better…

1. This is your first book that you have made available to the public, via the Kindle ebook store. How long have you wanted to be a writer?

H.W. Davis response:

I’ve enjoyed writing and telling stories for most of my life.  However, it wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to write a book.  At that point fictional stories appealed to me most.

2. Have you written other books that you plan to publish in the future?

H.W. Davis response:

I have several other novels which are in the stage of being re-worked. Another mystery should be ready within a month.

3. What other writers have had the biggest influence on your writing style and passion for writing?

H.W. Davis response:

That’s a difficult question!  In terms of mysteries and thrillers I long have admired James Patterson, Clive Cussler, David Balducci and Len Deighton.  As far as humor is concerned I still admire Mark Twain’s ability to blend humor with an interesting story.  I particularly admire the way Tolkien could project spiritual lessons while entertaining many readers who never would read so-called spiritual books. Regardless, I enjoy characters who are a bit folksy and have their eccentricities.

4. Was this book based on any personal or real-life stories?

H.W. Davis response:

The book is purely fictional. However, I personally am acquainted with several individuals both within and without my family who were adopted and later sought their biological families. In some of those cases the birth mother told that person never to call again. In effect, she did not want her current “legitimate” family to know about that child. That can be a psychological blow to the child, regardless of age. Interestingly, one reader of my book contacted me last week. She said that she recently discovered that she also was a black market baby. That was a stunning discovery for her.

5.  Who is your favorite character in Seeking Diana? Why?

H.W. Davis response:

Although Pattie who is seeking her parents is a likeable person, my favorite person is the narrator, Pastor Mark Sawyer. Although he is faced with several unpleasant possibilities, Mark ultimately decides to be guided by the scripture verse which states, “And the truth will set you free.”  Mark is willing to take responsibility for his mistakes. Further, he is guided by a spirit of love.

6. The book description for Seeking Diana describes it as a story of discovery and redemption. Are these themes common in your writing?

H.W. Davis response:

Every story that I’ve written so far has that as one of the sub-themes.  I think about the Apostle Paul in the New Testament. He did some horrible things during his pre-conversion years. Yet, God still was able to use Paul and the redemptive love of Christ to use him in a mighty way. Obviously, very few of us will have the impact of a Paul, but most of us encounter smaller opportunities in our lives to make a positive difference.

If Seeking Diana sounds like an interesting read, or if you are willing to support a 1st time author, go to Amazon and order a copy of Seeking Diana for Kindle! Make sure to rate the book and leave feedback on Amazon.