Genesis 6:5 Memory Verse Printables

These memory verse resources were created to be used with the Jesus Storybook Bible, but they can be used for any families or Sunday School teachers working their way through the Bible. With few exceptions, most memory verses in this collection are between 13-18 words to reach multiple age levels. See the full list of Jesus Storybook Bible stories (44 stories + 9 bonus stories from other storybook Bibles), along with the memory verses for each story. This is a great way to work through the Bible in order using memory verses!

Genesis 6:5 Memory Verse Printables

Download Full Page (8.5×11) Memory Verse Printable

Download Word Mix-Up Activity Printable

This activity has printable cards (2 words per page). Mix up all the cards, and put the cards back in the proper order to complete the memory verse. Print 2 sets for a Sunday School class, and let 2 teams race to put the verse back in order first.

Download Word Search Printable

This is a basic word search using the words from the memory verse.