Christmas Ornaments 2015 (WM 1120W)-3

In 2015 Will made the difficult switch from his old school in Kokomo where he went for kindergarten to his Guntersville Elementary for 1st grade after our family moved. The 1st couple weeks were a bit rough, but he quickly loved his new teacher and school. Thanks to an amazing kindergarten program at Acacia Academy, Will entered 1st grade way ahead in many areas. He has particularly excelled in math and reading. He often reads at least 2 books per day and does very well on Accelerated Reader tests. Most of his books are around the 3rd grade level. Will also continued to do well at soccer, scoring anywhere from 2-7 goals every game and playing good defense. Will is also really into basketball this year, and he has scored 51 points so far through his 1st 4 games. He is very driven to do well at both school and sports, and we are very proud of him!